Cystitis Patient Answers
My urologist told me that the internet has all the information I need to make informed decisions on any treatment – Here is a series of articles with information you may not find online, about IC:
Symptoms called IC can come from anywhere in the body.
A holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment is necessary.
This research and this website are lovingly dedicated to my sister Carol.
The reason I started this website was the mistreatment of me by urologists, and the mistreatment of my sister Carol, by neurologists. Three urologists insisted my urethra was too narrow, and did 10 surgeries, with 10 antibiotics; this “treatment” caused 30 years of chronic pain – until 2 doctors, of dozens, correctly diagnosed the causes and provided the right treatments. I am now symptom free – cured from so-called “incurable” IC. Part of my story, and a survey of 1700 people, published by the National Women’s Health Network Newsletter, 2009:
Neurologists treated my sister Carol’s symptoms, epileptic seizures, with pharmaceuticals rather than treating the causes of the seizures, with the Ketogenic diet. This diet was created at Johns Hopkins in 1929, and has cured untold numbers of people with epilepsy. The movie First Do No Harm, explains beautifully. Meryl Streep is the lead, and other actors in this film are people who actually had epilepsy, were put on the Ketogenic diet and never had another seizure. My sister Carol, treated with pharmaceuticals for the symptoms, seizures, died at 25 years old, of a seizure, right after she had finished college, found a job teaching and was married.

Unfortunately, the American Urological Association recommends dozens of “trial and error” surgeries on the bladder, for so-called IC, when urologists’ own research has revealed that none of these surgeries relieve symptoms, let alone cure people – and yet many people, including myself, and Anne, whose story is here, have found noninvasive cures. Ninety percent, 9 out of 10 people diagnosed with IC, have nothing wrong with their bladder:
Unfortunately, it’s much more profitable for doctors to treat symptoms with pharmaceuticals and surgeries, which cause more health problems, than to find the cause of symptoms, which can often be treated – and prevented - noninvasively.